Video Updates.

Ward Talent Show with Alanna Kruger (Piano) and Tim Hecht (Viola).

Korean Drama Teaser Trailer "You Killed Our Father" with Robert Mann and Hannah Stebar.



DONE! "Shul" is done. The semester is done. NUTRITION IS DONE! I don't have to think! yessssss. I feel the semester, with its many ups and downs, was a good one. I made TONS of new friends in the ward and strengthened my relationships with all my old friends. Soo good. 6'8" Nate is goin on his mission and he's leaving tomorrow. Sad day. I'm gonna miss him but he's doing a great work and will not come down. Go Get 'Em Elder Nater Baker! I'm glad the semester is over and I'm happy to be heading home.



I can't wait for the next two weeks to be over. Yeah this semester was good, but it's about time to be over.



Of the Week.

Movie: Tombstone - George P. Cosmatos

Album: The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

Song: With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley