What tho?

Yo, its been 3 weeks in this stupid cast. I have 3 weeks to go.

Giddy Up.


My Attempt.

This is what happens when you try to be Jackie Chan.

Oh yea. It's nice.

Werd. Reppin' the Struck Hammers.


The Worlds Loudest Pep Rally

So, AT&T sponsored the Worlds Loudest Pep Rally. Basically the college who sends them the most things (video, texts, etc.) will get to host Dave Matthews Band and enjoy a FREE concert. Honestly, I didn't know about it until my BIG SIS told me. In the end, West Point USMA won....WOO HOO!!!! THAT IS 20 MINUTES FROM MY HOME!!!!! The Warehouse opened up a select number of tickets for members, unfortunately my BIG SIS, didn't win the contest. She remembered that my drum teacher works at West Point and he has connections so asked him if we could get tickets....AND HE PULLED THROUGH!!!! YEEHAW!!! But I couldn't go the night he got tickets for us...I had a school concert. My friend Craig won tickets from the warehouse and then we traded so I went on Thursday and he went on Wednesday. Oh man. It was INSANE!!!! I brought my friend Will, it was his first "clean" concert (as in not a hole in the wall or dirt as the floor concert). This was in Eisenhower Hall, the West Point Theater. Our seats were alright, the top balcony, second row...but it wasn't full so we moved up to the first row. It was SICK!!!!! The opening band was Robert Randolph and the Family Band. They Rocked The House Down. Robert Randolph is an INSANE slide guitarist and is related to CARTER BEAUFORD. So Carter came out and sat in on a song...oh man...that was awesome...and then during another song, DAVE MATTHEWS came out and did a little dance and did his scat. Fun times!!

Dave Matthews Band played and INCREDIBLE show. A PERFECT mix of old and new (mainly old...I like that stuff better haha). I did the best I could with writing down the set list. I didn't get one song.

The BIG trumpet guy was with them as well.

So here it is, and if you have ever had the LIVE DMB experience, you know how it feels.

Two Step
Crash Into Me
...the one I didn't know...
Don't Drink the Water
Anyone Seen the Bridge -directly into-
Too Much
Grey Street
Jimi Thing -with a little bit of "Stop, Hey What's that Sound" at the end-
What Would You Say
Tripping Billies
Ants Marching
All Along The Watchtower -with Robert Randolph on the slide guitar-
...then they went off...
...Dave came back...
Round and Round (I think that's the name of it)
...the band came back...
American Baby Intro
Stay (Wasting Time)

Robert Randolph get into the slide guitar...

He got into it this much...Kicking over the chair, Jumping up and down...AHHH!!! AMAZING!!!

This next video is the concert that Craig went to...the day before me...


Ants Marching was awesome times 17

So as you can see, the set list was AMAZING...and watching Dave dance topped it off. Wow.

My favorite band: Dave Matthews Band
My #2 band: Robert Randolph & the Family Band