What comes next.

Well classes are over. My last day was Thursday. Ahhhh. It feels so nice to be done. BUT. Right now I'm in the library of all places. It's snowing here. Kind of. It's sleeting. It reminds me of home. Sniff sniff. Ill be back soon though. And thennn I'll be back here! I'm not gonna lie, I love it here, but I do miss black people. So a few updates....Ginger kids are starting to freak me out (thank you Kyality). I really love the snow. My Bishop is the MAN. School is over. I hurt my knuckle at karate last week. Christmas is almost here! I love playing the drums and I miss it. I love playing the guitar. I love jamming with this kid on the first floor even though he's kind of a jerk. The Young Hurricanes played a show last night but didn't do too well. A lot of technical difficulties. I hate most of the kids on the third floor because they literally destroy everything. BYU is the greatest place on earth and I'm so glad I'm here. Finals are next week and I plan on being done on Thursday (Wednesday if all goes well).

Yeah I think that's it! OH! And listening to music through 4 ft speakers built by Mikey Jones in a dorm room is the greatest thing ever.

See you soon NY!



yeah. thats right. we won the game in overtime. giddy up. byu 26 utah 3. i wonder what my gma will say when i call her :-).

BYU vs. Utah

So if you are attending the Lord's University, why the heck are you rooting for the U of U?! Can ANYBODY tell me this? (besides Bro. L) I don't understand it! And I probably never will. Well its game time in less than 2 hrs. LET'S GO!!!!!

Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out!


I Think It's Time We Start on a New Class Project.

I think it's time we start on a new class project. It's called, Caulin is really bored so he's going to draw a Z4. This is how it's coming so far.




Today is freezing! I woke up early and had breakfast at the Cannon Center with the Jefferies! And then went back to my dorm to get my backpack so I could go to class. I grabbed my The Edge beanie and hobo mittens (which I love) and made my way to the Clyde building. It snowed hard on Saturday so Timpanogos is totally covered. It really is beautiful here but it's cold. So that's it! Oh. I hope it makes me look like The Edge cause he's the man.


Snow way!

Thank you SkillMasterFlex for that quote of yours. It snowed again today. Only in the mountains. BUT! it did get closer to campus. It's very menacing - the path of the snow slowly makes its way to cover you. Tomorrow it should snow on campus. I'm pretty excited. Mikey, the one I work out with and who is from Arizona, was super bundled up this morning. He had on a winter coat, scarf and super warm hat! All I had on was a hoody and sweats (that's because I woke up late and didn't have time to take a shower. I got back from class and showered though! and then I wore a hat and track jacket). I found out that my psychology class is canceled next Friday, Monday and Tuesday!!!!! Even though it's only one class, I feel like I have a 5 day weekend!

That's it for the life of Snizzle.


Oh man. I sure am in Utah.

Recently I have started to work out with my friend Mikey. He lives down the hall from me and is from Arizona. Do not confuse him with his room mate Michael who is also from Arizona. And no, they did not know each other prior to coming to BYU. The workout consists of crunches, push-ups, and leg-ups. After the strength portion, we go on a run. Today, on the run, something very strange happened. I ran pass the Provo Temple. I looked to the left and BAM! There it was! A House of God. Soon after, BAM! on the right, the Missionary Training Center! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! Where have all the black people gone? Where are all the ghetto corner stores with gangs hanging around outside? Where is deli that doesn't I.D. minors so they can get drugs?! Where have all the crime scenes gone?

They back home in Da Burgh.

Oh man. I sure am in Utah.

Cannon Center Line.

Every Fast Sunday at 3 o'clock and every Tuesday after Devotional, there is a line at the Cannon Center that goes all the way out the building. Needless to say, I am not eating yet.


this is all.

The influence of Kyality has greatly impacted me. My love for this band comes from him. Thanks Bro.


What day is it?

So last night, I started my Book of Mormon essay that was due today. Pretty foolish I know but whatever. So it takes longer than i expected. It ends up i dont go to sleep. Thats right. All Nighter numero uno. giddy up! I finish the essay and get to class and sit next in my sleep. I turn the the person next to me and ask "so did you finish your essay?" she replies "it's not due until thursday." NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! i stayed up all freaking night LITERALLY for something not even due today!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!! not only that, when the professor walks in, he says "so essay due thursday, but if you can't get it to me then dont worry about it, hand it in NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!!" (he didnt scream, thats just my passion for the situation.) he continues saying "so essentially the essay is due next week." oh man!! so throughout the day I take 2 naps adding up to about 5 hrs, so i feel okay. I register for classes tonight. GOOD LUCK!!!! yaaay.


happy halloween 2009

Anyone know who this is?