Video Updates!

This is what happens when you start making a music video at 1 AM and finish filming at 5.

Some videos of my Young Hurricane days as Rhythm Guitarist.

"Captain of the Universe" - Written by Mikey Jones.

"Sandtrap" - Written by Emmett Florence.

"Nowhere Nights" - Written by Emmett Florence.

"The Garden"
- Written By Emmett Florence.

On the note of The Young Hurricanes, the bassist quit and I was the first go-to guy sooooooo I'm the new bassist for The Young Hurricanes! I'll finish off the semester as a member of the band. It'll be good.


Blood Donation.

Yesterday, BYU 151 Ward had the opportunity to give blood to American Red Cross. I enjoy saving 3 lives and over all I have saved 9! WOOT! Yesterday was a great day. It was Aubry's first time successfully donating! After I finished my pint, I stood by Aubry and then she finished and we both walked to the chairs. I sat down and Nate, Jocelyn, and Aubry are talking to me and saying "Caulin, you're really pale. You're getting really pale really quickly! Should we get someone?" Then I remember mumbling "Yeah you should probably get someone." Then my sight goes out. I thought I just closed my eyes but I guess my eyes were open! I start to come to it and see this nurse guy putting ice on my neck and behind my head. He says "Do you know where you are?" I reply..."BYU?" haha. It was great. AND THEN!!!! like a minute afterward, AUBRY FAINTS TOO!!!! So we had a party on the ground. It was great. THEN afterward there was a Ward Activity in the Wilk. FREE BOWLING!!!! It was semi-foolish of me, but I bowled. Kangaroo Caulin and his no thumb 5 step approach bowled a 138. Not my best, but I'm very stoked with it. Bishop bowled too!

Here's a picture of Aubry and I on the ground.



So it's been a while since I've posted. I realize this, and I apologize. I guess since I live across the country I am some what Blobligated. Things have been going great. I'm hanging out with friends every weekend, going on dates all the time with DIFFERENT GIRLS! I got asked to a Harry Potter preference dance. I signed a contract for off campus housing for Spring, Summer, Fall with 6'8" Nate. I was in a band, then decided it was a bit much so I got out of it, but am still playing with them on a few songs. I got tickets for U2 in June!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! School work isn't that bad, but it's causing me to spend a lot more time in the library (but that's a good thing). I went to a dance party in Mikey's room...it was great! Thirty people in a dorm room. Oh Man! Soo Bahk Do is great. Mr. Corrales is the MAN! I feel like I've progressed a lot! My ward is amazing. Bishop Fry is an incredible person! My calling in the Ward Activities Committee is GREAT!! We just had a talent show and I performed in a skit from SNL with my friend Courtney. We did the Chess Tournament Cheer skit. It was FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I'm going to try to post a video of it. So I'm on Mikey's computer and I'll use his Facebook account to look for pictures of everything and everyone so people know who people are anddddd SO THEY CAN SEE THAT I HAVE HAIR!!! My friend Josh and I (see post about my bleeding on my guitar) are starting an Acoustic Band called TaylorDove. We've written 3 or 4 songs already and more than anything, it's fun and NOT STRESSFUL!

Here are some pictures of my friends and me. I DID use Mikey's Facebook to get all these. Haha!

This is me at the Harry Potter Preference Dance. I was a wizard trying to be a Muggle. Thank you Deseret Industries!

Another HPP Dance pic. The white flakes are flour.

Another HPP Dance pic. In the back is the profile shot of Mikey Jones.

This is my date. Her name is Aubry. The same Aubry from the ice skating date. The reason she is WHITEEEE is because the group i went with were ghosts! ... She was the absolute scariest. She actually walked through the Library by herself and scared a group of old people. It was by far one of the funniest things I've seen!

This is the group I went with! I love them, they are all great friends!

This is 6'8" Nate. He's a character but one of my best friends.

Haha! This was at a football game last semester. From left to right, Taylor Barrowes (he's freaking hilarious! i love him to death!), Courtney (She's one of my best friends and funny! She has a twin sister named Caitlin) and then the devastatingly handsome young man on the right is ME!

On the left is my Best Best Best Girl Friend Hanna Hiatt. And then on the right is Courtney. Hanna is Schroeder's girlfriend. Schroeder is exactly like me. We have Star Wars Vocabulary Games.

On the left is Courtney and next to her, on the right is her twin Caitlin. Caitlin cuts my hair and gives the best head massages during those hair cuts.

This is Kirsten. She's a character. I love her though.

This is Mikey Jones. My best friend. He's getting ready for The Young Hurricane's Show. Above him (literally) is 6'8" Nate, and in the mirror is Emmett, the lead singer of the band. He's really cool and has a super level head.

This is Emmett in the front of The Young Hurricanes. To the left is Josh (the guitar guy) and then on the right IT'S ME!!!!!!! It is so much fun performing on stage. SOOOO much fun.

This was at the Ward Halloween Party. Left to right: Katherine Ashby, she's the Ward Activities Committee ChairPerson she is the happiest person I have ever met. Hanna Whipple is in the middle - She rivals Katherine in the happiness competition. And Emmett is on the right.

This is Josh. He's....interesting. BUT!!! He's a guitar master. And I love him.

:) I love these girls. On the left is Alexa Burke. She is my twin. We discovered we were the exact same person and so we figured we were separated at birth. We had a Parent Trap-esque experience. Thanks Mom and Dad for telling me about my twin!! haha :D. On the right is Alex Jameson. She is by far the coolest person I have EVER met. She is an AMAZING artist, has great taste in movies and music and is a great friend.

This is Alexa again. Can't you see the resemblance?!

So that pretty much my life at college up until now!