Video Updates!

This is what happens when you start making a music video at 1 AM and finish filming at 5.

Some videos of my Young Hurricane days as Rhythm Guitarist.

"Captain of the Universe" - Written by Mikey Jones.

"Sandtrap" - Written by Emmett Florence.

"Nowhere Nights" - Written by Emmett Florence.

"The Garden"
- Written By Emmett Florence.

On the note of The Young Hurricanes, the bassist quit and I was the first go-to guy sooooooo I'm the new bassist for The Young Hurricanes! I'll finish off the semester as a member of the band. It'll be good.


lsnarr said...

Wow, Caulin
The group sounds great. It looks like you are holding your own and having fun. Thanks for posting the videos. It was fun watching you.

lsnarr said...
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Shredder said...

woo YH!