For Those About to Bald. I Salute You.

Over the past month or two, I have not had a haircut. Usually when one does not cut his hair, it grows. This is my case. However, thanks to my genes, this will not be the situation in the far too near future. If I am anything like my brother Kyality, I will have lost my hair growing capabilities by the time I am 30. But in my ever so important YouTube research, I found something that made me smile.

Some people can rock the bald.

Michael Stipe


The Edge

Tobias Funke

Natalie Portman

Some who can't rock the bald.

Britney Spears

My overall sum-up: You are never to bald to rock. People who know they are bald, and can accept it, and own it, are usually the ones that can still rock. Whether it's because they have talent, or can totally rock out to some Guitar Hero anytime, they are the one's who I look up to. I hope I can own my baldness genes.

For those about to bald. I salute you.