YEEE HAW!!!!!!

So I have just recently finished my application for college. The two I applied to are BYU and BYU-Idaho. I finished the application on Nov. 17 and 5 days later, yesterday, Nov. 22, I get an email from CES Application saying BYU Idaho has reached their decision. I said to myself, "Self, WHAT!!!!" So I go to my "Route Y" and check my admission status. BYU-Idaho...Admitted!!!! I got accepted to BYU Idaho. Giddy-up Partner. Now it's time to wait for the big guns. BYU. Let's go!!



Most Ultimate Weapon.

Out of these two choices, which weapon is superior?

1. Tiger Gun: a gun that shoots out tigers.

2. Chainsaw Rocket Launcher: a rocket launcher that shoots out chainsaws,already on, and can sometimes explode.

Comment with your opinion. And your reason.


Suspender Friday.

For all those who don't know, Friday's at EFY in Virginia are Suspender Fridays. I have taken that day and applied it to my life. This past Friday, was the first time I could do it. I think I need new pairs. But. I did it...for half the day at least.

.the philosophy of egg throwing is accurate.

.this guy, the curly hair guy is a master.

.take lessons.

.and throw eggs.


The Red Album.

So I was just chillin' at my house one day, actually just the other day when like 2 of my friends TEXTED me (now you can tell what generation I'm living in, when friends don't call, but they text) and said "Dude, the new Weezer single video ROCKS!!" My friend who told me this, Meagan, me and her have come to realize that we have similar taste's in music. The overlapping bands are Weezer, Beck, and Green Day. So I was like cool, I'll have to look into it. But then I was at Target and I bought it and let me tell you, IT IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!! The greatest song on the album, well my favorite is number 2, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn). Oh my goodness it is amazing. The entire album is perfect! I highly recommend purchasing it. haha It will change your life!


The Power of Coldplay.

I believe it was my sister that said that no matter what there is a Coldplay song that relates to your current mood. I am here to testify that it is true.



I went into the bandroom, and Dr. Carroll, the percussion specialist who also teaches rock history, was playing Myriad Harbour by The New Pornographers. The song reminded me of something Kyality would listen to, so I asked him what song it was and he told me. His brother made him a CD of the Best of 2007, which included Myriad Harbour, Icky Thump (White Stripes), Black Mirror (Arcade Fire) a Wilco song I don't remember and others. It was awesome!
Driving home from Jazz Band with my friend Bri, she put in a CD. Yael Naim. It was really cool! She sings in Hebrew and French and English. Her song New Soul, was on an Apple commercial. Bri was right when she said that it's cool when music you have listened to for months finally takes off and becomes popular and is on the iMac commercial. I agree.
Check that out.


I Am Feeling Blobligated

Why hello everybody. I haven't died or anything. I have been neglecting my blog. I'm sorry blog. Kyality has been pushing me and blobligating me to post things. I just spent half of my spring break in NYC with Jess in the City, Jon in the City, Noah in the City, Ghetto everything about the city, and Kyality. Oh boy, it was fun. More to come!!!



For Those About to Bald. I Salute You.

Over the past month or two, I have not had a haircut. Usually when one does not cut his hair, it grows. This is my case. However, thanks to my genes, this will not be the situation in the far too near future. If I am anything like my brother Kyality, I will have lost my hair growing capabilities by the time I am 30. But in my ever so important YouTube research, I found something that made me smile.

Some people can rock the bald.

Michael Stipe


The Edge

Tobias Funke

Natalie Portman

Some who can't rock the bald.

Britney Spears

My overall sum-up: You are never to bald to rock. People who know they are bald, and can accept it, and own it, are usually the ones that can still rock. Whether it's because they have talent, or can totally rock out to some Guitar Hero anytime, they are the one's who I look up to. I hope I can own my baldness genes.

For those about to bald. I salute you.