The Red Album.

So I was just chillin' at my house one day, actually just the other day when like 2 of my friends TEXTED me (now you can tell what generation I'm living in, when friends don't call, but they text) and said "Dude, the new Weezer single video ROCKS!!" My friend who told me this, Meagan, me and her have come to realize that we have similar taste's in music. The overlapping bands are Weezer, Beck, and Green Day. So I was like cool, I'll have to look into it. But then I was at Target and I bought it and let me tell you, IT IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!! The greatest song on the album, well my favorite is number 2, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn). Oh my goodness it is amazing. The entire album is perfect! I highly recommend purchasing it. haha It will change your life!

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