YEEE HAW!!!!!!

So I have just recently finished my application for college. The two I applied to are BYU and BYU-Idaho. I finished the application on Nov. 17 and 5 days later, yesterday, Nov. 22, I get an email from CES Application saying BYU Idaho has reached their decision. I said to myself, "Self, WHAT!!!!" So I go to my "Route Y" and check my admission status. BYU-Idaho...Admitted!!!! I got accepted to BYU Idaho. Giddy-up Partner. Now it's time to wait for the big guns. BYU. Let's go!!


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Sare said...

Hey, I found your blog through Jess'. I'm adding you to our blog list too, k? (Let me know if that's a problem) :)
Hey, and congrats on getting into BYU- super awesome news.