What comes next.

Well classes are over. My last day was Thursday. Ahhhh. It feels so nice to be done. BUT. Right now I'm in the library of all places. It's snowing here. Kind of. It's sleeting. It reminds me of home. Sniff sniff. Ill be back soon though. And thennn I'll be back here! I'm not gonna lie, I love it here, but I do miss black people. So a few updates....Ginger kids are starting to freak me out (thank you Kyality). I really love the snow. My Bishop is the MAN. School is over. I hurt my knuckle at karate last week. Christmas is almost here! I love playing the drums and I miss it. I love playing the guitar. I love jamming with this kid on the first floor even though he's kind of a jerk. The Young Hurricanes played a show last night but didn't do too well. A lot of technical difficulties. I hate most of the kids on the third floor because they literally destroy everything. BYU is the greatest place on earth and I'm so glad I'm here. Finals are next week and I plan on being done on Thursday (Wednesday if all goes well).

Yeah I think that's it! OH! And listening to music through 4 ft speakers built by Mikey Jones in a dorm room is the greatest thing ever.

See you soon NY!

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