Snow way!

Thank you SkillMasterFlex for that quote of yours. It snowed again today. Only in the mountains. BUT! it did get closer to campus. It's very menacing - the path of the snow slowly makes its way to cover you. Tomorrow it should snow on campus. I'm pretty excited. Mikey, the one I work out with and who is from Arizona, was super bundled up this morning. He had on a winter coat, scarf and super warm hat! All I had on was a hoody and sweats (that's because I woke up late and didn't have time to take a shower. I got back from class and showered though! and then I wore a hat and track jacket). I found out that my psychology class is canceled next Friday, Monday and Tuesday!!!!! Even though it's only one class, I feel like I have a 5 day weekend!

That's it for the life of Snizzle.

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lsnarr said...

It looks beautiful there, lucky you!! Thanks for the picture. Stay warm and enjoy the season :-)