What day is it?

So last night, I started my Book of Mormon essay that was due today. Pretty foolish I know but whatever. So it takes longer than i expected. It ends up i dont go to sleep. Thats right. All Nighter numero uno. giddy up! I finish the essay and get to class and sit next in my sleep. I turn the the person next to me and ask "so did you finish your essay?" she replies "it's not due until thursday." NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! i stayed up all freaking night LITERALLY for something not even due today!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!! not only that, when the professor walks in, he says "so essay due thursday, but if you can't get it to me then dont worry about it, hand it in NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!!" (he didnt scream, thats just my passion for the situation.) he continues saying "so essentially the essay is due next week." oh man!! so throughout the day I take 2 naps adding up to about 5 hrs, so i feel okay. I register for classes tonight. GOOD LUCK!!!! yaaay.


lsnarr said...

Think of it this way, you're all prepared for Thursday, or is it Tuesday? Glad you got some sleep. How did the registration for classes go? I seriously thought you might fall asleep at the computer waiting for 12:00 am to arrive. But then, I guess I don't really know that you didn't. Anxiously awaiting your next blog.

lsnarr said...
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